Top 5 water experiences to do in Lisbon

You have seen everything on your list, don’t feel like do more walking, bored of doing every time the same thing, want to try new things or want to surprise someone. Here are a few exciting things that will change your routine and put a smile on your face.

Top 5 water experiences sailing tour
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Sailing Tours

These are my favorite. There are plenty of sailing tours companies mostly located at one of several marinas but not all of them are the same. Some of them have scheduled sailings for which you can buy a ticket and you will sail together with other people. It is really easy. Just buy the ticket and sail. Other offer a more personal tour where you book a trip. You can take your partner on a romantic sunset tour, do a bachelorette party, have dinner onboard after a birthday party and even stop for a swim. The limit is your imagination.

Speed Boats

Speed and adrenaline are your thing and you are not afraid of getting a bit wet? If so, this is the right experience for you. This high-speed ride is done on powerful rigid inflatable boats with much horsepower. You will be taken in a high-speed run with lots of turns that will make you feel like in a roller coaster. In between of all these emotions there is also time to enjoy the views towards Lisbon and see some of the riverfront iconic monuments.

Helicopter Tours

See things from another perspective and be blown by the view over the city, the 25 de Abril bridge, the Cristo Rei, the full extent of the Tagus estuary and see the blue ocean stretching as far as the view can see. Sit back and enjoy the unique views over some of the most iconic landmarks. There are several routes you can choose from.


Certainly, you have heard about the giant waves at Nazareth beach and Garret McNamara. If they are too much high for you there are lots of beaches to choose from around Lisbon being the nearest and most popular Carcavelos which is served by the urban train. Other near destinations include the beaches at Costa da Caparica located south of Tagus. New to surf? No problem. You can always find some surf schools at the most popular beaches and if you already have the skills there is material for renting.

Amphibious Bus

Have you ever taken a bus that also goes on the water? Pretty cool no? These bus tours start on dry land and take you on a sightseeing tour to some of the best locations in Lisbon and there is a guide onboard that will give you an explanation of what you are seeing. Then at some point of the tour you will be driven down a ramp leading to the river and that is when you start doubting if your bus really floats. With a splash on the water all your doubts start to disappear as you cruise calmly through the river waters. During this second part, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view and see some of the most iconic riverfront landmarks.

Feeling already excited about these experiences?

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